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‘Significant breakthrough’: This new sea salt battery has 4 times the capacity of lithium

Category : Private Sector Sub Category : Business Posted on 2022-12-23 08:17:01

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Your electronics could soon be powered by an ultra cheap sea salt battery.

Researchers have built a new cheap battery with four times the energy storage capacity of lithium.

Constructed from sodium-sulphur - a type of molten salt that can be processed from sea water - the battery is low-cost and more environmentally friendly than existing options. 

It could be a ‘breakthrough’ for renewable energy, according to lead researcher Dr Shenlong Zhao, from the University of Sydney.

“Our sodium battery has the potential to dramatically reduce costs while providing four times as much storage capacity [as Lithium],” he said.

“This is a significant breakthrough for renewable energy development which, although reduces costs in the long term, has had several financial barriers to entry.”

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