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Powitt Solar Lanka develops Aeroponics system that runs on Solar Panel and a backup battery

Category : Private Sector Sub Category : Business Posted on 2022-08-06 13:37:31

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Powitt Solar Lanka has developed a Aeroponics systems to everyone in Sri Lanka and encouraging indoor farming without soil and minimum space to grow their own vegetables at home. The system will be run with a solar Panel and a backup battery, providing a total Off-grid system.

NASA develop an Aeroponics system in 1998 that could be used effectively in space and was able to demonstrate that aeroponics is a viable way to overcome these obstacles and grow healthy vegetables aboard a spacecraft. Since aeroponics makes extremely efficient use of water, very little has to be used and stored. 

Aeroponics require less space and actual arable land than actual gardening. This has led to more people being able to grow their own plants indoors, even within a smaller amount of space.

The main advantage of Aeroponics is that it’s completely soil or medium free. Actual land and soil aren’t needed for you to grow plants.

Aeroponic systems don’t require or have you placing your plants within any sort of medium at all. Instead, their roots are suspended within the air, nutrients and water are delivered to your plants through a fine mist. 

One of the best advantages of Aeroponics is that plants grow quickly in such systems. They thrive and are able to produce great harvests. This is largely due to the fact that they are suspended in midair and thus, their roots have constant access to oxygen. The plants grown are also much stronger and healthier due to this oxygen richness too.

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